Video Capture Master has a Huge Upgrade now!
Do you want to grab real-time video or still pictures? Video Capture Master is cutting edge video capture software. Users can capture video in real time from online links, such as URL and IP Camera or from local device, such as webcam, TV Tuner card, digital video or digital camera.

Multiple flash materials are added for users to make individual and cool video or image files. Still powerful effect tools are upgrade in Video Capture Master to help users make PinP files and text overlays. The drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to edit effect on a movie in mere minutes. You can even upload the captured movie to YouTube directly once finishing capturing.


FeaturesVideo Capture Master
(Old Version)
Video Capture Master
(Upgrade Version)
Capture video or image from video input sources with "USB Capture Device", "DV camcorder" and "TV Tuner".  
Capture video or image from online sources with "URL" and "IP camera".  
Capture video or image from local sources with "Media file".  
Capture any region of desktop.  
Multiple materials are offered to select.  
Upload video to YouTube directly.  
Send video via email once the recording is completed.  
Snapshot pictures with the hotkey.  
Watch TV if TV Tuner is installed.  

Browse and edit recorded media files.

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