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چشم فضای باز فک ,FAAC

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چشمی فک

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13,850,000 ریال

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Signal-chip intelligent digital processing technology
Double-channel signal with A/D conversion processing
Complete airproof and weatherproof function
Automatic temperature compensation
Detect distance: 8m and 12 m optional
Pulse member: 1P and 2P optional
Alarm input: NO and NC optional
Alarm indicator light: ON and OFF optional
Day and night working mode can be set
Alarm delay time can be set
Pet Immunity ( pet up to 10KG)
With special filter and the intensity of anti-white light can be up to 10000LUX

Working Voltage: DC12V
Waiting Current: NO<7mA NC<25mA
Alarm Current: NO<20mA NC<14mA
Detective Angle: 1100
Detective Distance: 8m and 12m optional
Installation Height: 2m
Alarm Delay Time: 5s and 20s optional
Time of self-lock: 60 seconds
Size: 160 X 80 X 49mm
Working temperature: -200C~550C
Preserving temperature: -250C~650C

سلام، سوال این هست که آیا برای محیطی که درخت هست کوثر هست یا خطا دارد

نصب کردیم خیالمون راحت شد عملکرد چشم فضای باز خوبه

خوراک حیاط و فضای بازه من که خیلی راضی هستم

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